We are guided by the core values of our Party — equality, opportunity, and community.    Our progressive vision is a community that supports each and every individual,  insures the essentials for children and families to thrive, and enables all community members to achieve their potential and contribute to the richness of Archuleta County.  You can reach us at 970-264-2171 or by emailing info@archuletadems.org.

Message of the day:

Sunday, April 19

Attention: New Central Committee Members

The next virtual meeting of the ACDP Central Committee will be on Mon, Apr 27. The official call (DEMspeak for agenda) will be sent to you. It will include the instructions for calling in to the virtual meeting.

Friday, April 17.

I am finally getting to the job of updating this website. Please have patience, because I’m still learning. If any of you DEMS in Archuleta County would like to lend a hand, I would certainly appreciate the help. Call or email me.

By the way, the Skyrocket Club pins have arrived.  For those of you who don’t know about the Pagosa Skyrocket Club — it’s a thank-you to those who donate every month towards the upcoming election preparation. We certainly hope that the CO-VID 19 disease allows us to get together (all in the same room) for an HQ celebration when we get the results of our winning candidates!! Your donations will facilitate that. Stay well, stay hopeful, stay safe. For more information on the Skyrocket Club, visit the Skyrocket Club Page


Monday, May 4

Our great incumbent State Representative, Barbara McLachlan of State House District 59 now has a Republican opponent. She is Marilyn Harris, who is Chair of the Archuleta County Republican Party. Some of you may know Ms. Harris. Now that Barbara has an opponent, it is essential that she begin campaigning in earnest. So, if you possibly can, please donate to her campaign at http://barbaramclachlan.com.

State law allows donations to State House candidates of up to $400 per person. However, donations are limited to $200 before the Primary Election on June 30 and another $200 before the November Gneral Election.

Statewide Candidate Bus Tour 2018


UPDATE: For those of you who generously donated to the Pagosa Skyrocket Club, you may be wondering where your pins are. They are all packaged up and ready to go. Unfortunately, the USPS wants $3.80 to send each one. So, what we are thinking of doing is delivering the pins personally without any face to face contact. So, please be patient as we work this out. Thanks.


July 4 Picnic Cancelled

The Central Committee has decided to cancel our traditional July 4 picnic because of the coronavirus.