2020 Assembly Results

State House District 59 (Includes LaPlata, Archuleta, San Juan, Hinsdale, Ouray, and part of Gunnison Counties)

Incumbent Democratic Barabara McLachlan ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination the ballot. She has one announced Republican challenger, Marylyn Harris, Chair of the Archuleta County Republican Party.

Judicial District 6 (Includes Archuleta, LaPlata, and San Juan Counties).

Incumbent Democratic District Attorney Christian Champagne ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination and will be on the ballot. He has no announced Republican opponent.

U.S. House of Representatives District 3

Three candidates were running to unseat Republican Representative Scott Tipton. At the CD 3 Virtual Assembly, a candidate must receive more than 30% of the votes of the delegates to proceed to the June 30 Primary Election.  Results were:

James Iacino               177 votes (49.44%)

Diane Mitsch Bush     170 votes (47.49%)

Root Routledge              11 votes (3.07%)

So Mr. Iacino and Ms. Mitsch Bush will appear on the ballot. Note that Mr. Tipton has a challenger on the Republican side, Lauren Boebert, a bar owner from Rifle, who actually considers Tipton too liberal for our District.

U.S. Senate

The State Assembly was held on Saturday, April 18 electronically. Three candidates were still in the running through the caucus/assembly process, Andrew Romanoff, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Erik Underwood. Trish Zornio suspended her campaign before the Assembly. Again, a candidate had to receive more than 30% of the delegate votes to advance to the Primary. Only Andrew Romanoff met that threshold with 2,453 votes (85.86%), so will be on the Primary Ballot. John Hickenlooper had already submitted enough valid signatures to the Secretary of State to also be on the ballot. Several other candidates who chose to gather signatures are seeking legal relief from the deadline to submit signatures to the SOS because the COVID 19 pandemic is preventing them from gathering signatures face to face. Based on this a judge has ordered that Michelle Ferrigno Warren be added to the Primary Ballot, even though she collected only about 50% of the needed signatures. Two other candidates, Lorena Garcia and Diana Bray, may seek similar relief. Of course, the SOS could appeal any court decisions. Stay tuned!

UPDATE, May 4: The Colorado Supreme Court overturned a lower court verdict placing Michelle Ferrigno Warren on the primary ballot following a challenge from the Secretary of State. Lorena Garcia had also received a judgment from the lower court, but that may be overturned as well. Diana Bray apparently did not seek court relief and will not be on the ballot.



July 4 Picnic Cancelled

The Central Committee has decided to cancel our traditional July 4 picnic because of the coronavirus.