Voter Information

If you can’t get your ballot to a drop box, we are offering a ballot pickup service. This is legal and will be carefully documented. If you need this service, please call Gail Hershey at 970-946-0615 as soon as possible. Note that it is now too late to mail your ballot.



 Mail in ballots will be sent out on October 9, so should arrive at the mailing address listed in your voter registration about October 12. If you didn’t get a ballot on a timely basis, you might want to call the Archuleta County Elections Office at 970-264-8331. You can check the mailing address in your registration record by going to

There will be seven Democratic candidates on the ballot:

  • Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, President and Vice President (
  • John Hickenlooper, US Senate (
  • Diane Mitsch Bush, US Congressional District 3 (
  • Mayling Simpson, State Board of Education (
  • Barbara McLachlan, State House District 56 (
  • Christian Champagne, District Attorney (

In addition, there will be 11 ballot propositions and constitutional amendments. A guide to the official positions of the Colorado Democratic Party on most of these propositions and amendments has been posted below and our Facebook page.

Note that you can actually register to vote up to election day, November 3. However, if you register after October 26, you will not get a ballot in the mail. So, you must go to the County Elections Office in the rear lower level of the Archuleta County Courthouse and retrieve your ballot in person.


Once you complete your ballot, you have three ways to return it:

  1. Mail the ballot. The ballot will require one first class stamp. Mailed ballots must reach the County Clerk by 7:00 pm on November 3. Postmarks do not Do not mail your ballot after October 26.
  2. Place your ballot in one of the two ballot drop off boxes In Archuleta County, one in front of the Courthouse and the other at the TARA Community Center, 333 Milton Lane in Arboles.
  3. Deliver your ballot in person at the County Elections Office in the Courthouse.

If you don’t want to mail your ballot but would have difficulty getting to the county drop boxes, the Archuleta County Democratic Party will be happy to pick up your ballot. It is legal for any individual to deposit up to 10 ballots, including their own, during the election cycle. To ensure that there are no legal challenges to this procedure, we will ask you to sign a form authorizing our representative to pick up your ballot. Call Becky Herman at 970-903-0788 or 264-2171 if you need this service.

Once your ballot is submitted, you can track the status of its processing by going to The ACDP will also be tracking ballot submission. We will call voters who have not yet submitted their ballots to remind them of the importance of voting.

If you are not going to be in Archuleta County during the election period but will be in Colorado, you can deposit your ballot at a drop off box in any county in the state. Of course, you can mail your ballot from anywhere in the nation, although again the ballot must reach the County Clerk by the deadline, so allow plenty of time.

So, voting is easy. We encourage you to vote as early as possible. Your vote counts in this critical election!

Ballot Initiatives

The 2020 ballot includes a number of important ballot initiatives. We encourage you to do some online research on each of these issues. For information, the table below shows the official Colorado Democratic Party positions on some of the initiatives, as approved by the State Central Committee. Note that the Central Committee did not take a position on Initiative 114, the Gray Wolf Reintroduction Initiative.

Voter Registration Link

To register to vote in the election, you can scan the QR Code below, go to, or stop at the County Elections Office in the rear lower level of the Courthouse. Note that you can register to vote up to 7:00 pm on election day. However, if you register after October 26, you will not get a mail ballot. So, you must go in to the County Elections Office. to get a ballot.


The Colorado Democratic Party has launched a new tool called Voterfied. Voterfied is a tool that allows voters to directly cut through the noise, and make their voices and opinions heard by their elected officials and to the Colorado Democratic Party, without the vitriol or spam-like nature of social media and email. During this time of COVID-19, voters are not able to attend town hall meetings without fearing for their safety — Voterfied allows voters to make their voices heard while maintaining social distancing. Try Voterfied at or at the button below!