We are guided by the core values of our Party — equality, opportunity, and community.    Our progressive vision is a community that supports each and every individual,  insures the essentials for children and families to thrive, and enables all community members to achieve their potential and contribute to the richness of Archuleta County.  You can reach us at 970-264-2171 or by emailing ArchuletaDems.  Goal Thermometer

Message of the day:

Thanks to all of you who voted. You are to be commended for your interest in your community, your state, your country, your patriotism. Yes, your patriotism. It’s not always positively regarded if someone is patriotic. But truth be told, it’s something to be proud of, and I am proud of each and every one of you.

With a thankful heart,














6.12. – SIGN CODE | Code of Ordinances | Pagosa Springs, CO | Municode Library

  1. Signs six (6) square feetor smaller may be displayed for up to forty-five (45) days before the sponsored political event or election, and must be removed no more than three (3) days following the event or election. Only one (1) sign per candidate per lot is allowed and shall be placed on private property with permission. Signage within the right-of-way is prohibited.
  2. Signs exceeding six square (6) feet are not exempt from permitting requirements and must be reviewed and approved in accordance with Section 2.4.9 and comply with the remaining provisions of the Sign Code.


7.1.7 Exemptions:

The following types of signs are exempt from permit requirements of these Regulations and may be placed in any zoning district subject to the provisions of these Regulations. Such signs shall otherwise be in conformance with all applicable requirements contained in these Regulations. All such signs (except government signs) shall be located outside a street right-of-way. Signs shall not interfere with traffic signs or the sight distance triangle at intersections. Evidence of owner’s permission to install sign may be required if Archuleta County checks for the sign’s compliance with these Regulations. All other signs shall be allowed only with permit and upon proof of compliance with these Regulations. Political signs displayed on private property in accordance with an official election or signs erected on behalf of candidates for public office provided:

(1) The total area of all such signs on a lot does not exceed sixteen (16) square feet.

(2) All such signs may be erected no sooner than sixty (60) days in advance of the election for which they were made.

(3) The signs are removed within seven (7) days after the election for which they were made.

(4) The property owner upon whose land the sign is placed shall give written permission to the person placing said signs and will be responsible for violations.




Congressional Contact Sheet 2017-2019

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