Dem-Donkey.jpegWe are guided by the core values of our Party — equality, opportunity, and community.    Our progressive vision is a community that supports each and every individual,  insures the essentials for children and families to thrive, and enables all community members to achieve their potential and contribute to the richness of Archuleta County.  You can reach us at 970-264-2171 or by emailing ArchuletaDems. To be on Goal Thermometerour email list send request to the link above.

This is a shareable graphic to help educate people on when to caucus and that there are residency, registration and affiliation requirement.  We can anticipate confusion around the fact that unaffiliateds CAN vote in the primary but CAN’T vote in the caucus.  We may also face confusion because while CO has same day voter registration, we do NOT have same day caucus voter registration.








Congressional Contact Sheet 2017-2019

Contact Holly Metzler: indivisiblepagosa@gmail.com