Boebert Brags About Funding Projects She Voted Against

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Silt, continued her assault on truth with a March 22 email claiming to have secured funding for several projects in CD3. Absent from her bragging was the fact that she voted against funding those projects.

Boebert has one job to do, and that is to vote on behalf of the people of the Western Slope and Southern Colorado. Our vote, via Boebert, was to not appropriate the money she claims as “Boebert Wins.” That’s like claiming credit for the sun coming up because you like sunshine, as one friend put it.

The “wins” she claimed were part of HR 2471 the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022. The Act passed with substantial bipartisan support 260-171. Boebert was one of the Nays.

Among the “wins” Boebert voted against were funding for the Southern Ute Tribe’s irrigation work; compensation to farmers for livestock killed by wolves; funding for rural community health centers; millions for bark beetle remediation; and exempting livestock haulers from electronic logging devices.

In the same newsletter, Boebert also continued her attack on the greater sage-grouse for the benefit of her oil company contributors. The bird lives in sagebrush country the oil companies covet for drilling, pipelines, and road construction.

As a reminder, Boebert is a legislative dud. She introduces bills that read like press releases from her donors and claims that is working for her constituents. None of her bills have ever come to a vote.

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