Boebert Opposes Ukraine

Even as more Russian atrocities against the people of Ukraine are documented by neutral observers, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Silt, continues her radical support for Russia.

“Russian State Media Picks Up Lauren Boebert's Claims Ukraine Aid Is 'Scam',” Newsweek reports on August 8. Boebert’s baseless claim was gleefully picked up by Russia Today and the Russian propaganda ministry TASS even as the  authors of the report she cited disavowed her interpretation of their work.

On August 20 Boebert wrote on Twitter, “Biden sent $775 million more to Ukraine yesterday. This is basically a weekly phenomenon. He's spending our taxpayer dollars on a fight that is not ours and doing so without any limit. Why are we allowing this?”

The majority of the 435 Democrats and Republicans in Congress support Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion.

Not Boebert. She joins a small fringe group of Republicans who support Russian appeasement.

She was one of 17 to vote against the Suspending Energy Imports from Russia Act. One of 8 to vote against the Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act. One of 17 to not support Moldova’s independence from Russia. One of 18 to oppose Finland’s and Sweden’s admission to NATO.

Compare Boebert’s hard-heartedness to the kindness and generosity of the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club’s $25,000 donation for Ukrainian refugees. Are Rotary donors aware that Boebert votes to support Russia every chance she gets?

Most awkwardly, the Archuleta County Republican Party heartily campaigns for Boebert’s re-election even though she is a Russian supporter and votes against the people of Ukraine. Do the Republicans of Archuleta County want to be known as Russian appeasers? Silence is compliance.

The reaction of Boebert’s supporters is predictable. They will tell you to ignore her words and deeds.They will claim that Boebert, a former restaurateur, has divine, secret knowledge unknowable to Senate Republicans and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Boebert’s votes in Congress are ours. She wastes our votes. Don’t waste yours in November by keeping her in office.

Vote for Adam Frisch. He supports freedom everywhere, including Ukraine.

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