Bye Bye Boebert

CDP Chair Shad Murib on Lauren Boebert’s Cowardice

Denver - Colorado Democratic Party Chair Shad Murib released the following statement following Lauren Boebert’s cowardly announcement that she will run in Colorado’s 4th District and abandon her constituents in Western and Southern Colorado: 

Lauren Boebert can run, but she can’t hide. The good people of Western and Southern Colorado didn’t wait for an election to beat Lauren Boebert — we scared her straight and chased her out of her own district. With this carpetbagging move, Lauren Boebert has shown herself to be everything she claims she isn’t: a typical swampy politician looking for a reason to call Washington D.C. home. She’s a loser in CD3, and she’ll be a loser in CD4 — Coloradans won’t buy her bullshit in 2024.

Colorado Democrats launched The 546 Project, our unprecedented year-round campaign in Western and Southern Colorado, to make sure that rural Colorado is represented by someone committed to protecting our outdoor spaces, expanding health care, and treating people right – not hurting our farmers and ranchers with bad policies and foolish trade wars, or selling our public lands off to the highest bidders. We look forward to this fight.

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