Nicole Demarco Pitcher to Run Unopposed in LPEA Election

By John Porco

The LaPlata Electric Association (LPEA) is governed by a 12-person Board of Directors. Board members are elected by District. District 1 is Archuleta County. The other three districts cover portions of LaPlata County. Board members serve staggered three-year terms. So, every year, four positions are up for election or reelection. There are no term limits. Each residence and business served by LPEA is entitled to one vote.

District1, Archuleta County, is currently represented by Bob Lynch, Holly Metzler, and Kirsten Skeehan, all progressives on energy policy. Bob Lynch’s position is up for election this year, but Mr. Lynch has chosen not to run again. Only one candidate, Nicole Demarco Pitcher, responded to LPEA’s call for candidates.

Since she is the only candidate for District 1, the election for that Board seat has been cancelled and Ms. Pitcher will be appointed. However, customers in District 1 will still receive a ballot to vote on a proposed Bylaw amendment. This amendment would allow voting in future elections to take place electronically. LPEA stressed that electronic voting would not replace paper ballots but would be offered as an additional option.  Ballots for the 2023 election will be mailed on May 3. Ballots can be mailed to arrive at LPEA by June 7 or can be dropped off at the LPEA office in Pagosa Springs or at the LPEA Annual Meeting on June 8 at the Durango Truck Barn in Bodo Park.

We congratulate Ms. Pitcher on her appointment and applaud her willingness to step up to this demanding and important position.

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