Boebert Ignores Putin, Bashes Mickey Mouse

Rapid-fire Tweeter Lauren Boebert maintains her silence on the Butcher of Bucha while President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine pleads for help against the Russian invasion. Instead of mentioning the Russian invasion in her barrage of Tweets, corrupt Boebert goes for distraction by threatening Mickey Mouse.


 Before Trump, Republicans condemned any Democrat who suggested business regulation. Now Trump followers like Boebert make it clear Republicans intend to control corporations if they return to power. Punishing enemies and rewarding friends are the methods dictators like Putin use to grab and hold onto the levers of government. 

Power-mad Boebert doesn't understand that trademarks are regulated by the US Patent office, and using the power of Congress to take away a company's beloved symbol would be a clear abuse of power.

Like Putin, Boebert thinks rules and laws are for suckers. She has never been held accountable. She was never prosecuted for her arrests. She "forgot" that her husband has a $1 million gas company consulting contract. She disclosed the contract only after she was elected and appointed to the Interior Committee, which oversees oil companies. That level of corruption was once reserved for third-world countries.

No one in the Colorado Republic party has admonished her for making bigoted and homophobic comments. Nor have any Archuleta County Republican officials.

The only way to remove Boebert is to vote for her Democratic opponent Nov. 8. Don't waste your vote on a third-party or independent candidate. A vote for anyone other than Boebert is effectively a vote for Boebert.

The Archuleta Democratic Party and others in Congressional District 3 need your help to remove this embarrassment from Congress. The Democrats of CD3 will begin to narrow the field of Boebert opponents at the April 5 CD3 assembly, and then the voters will pick Boebert's replacement at the June 28 primary.

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