2022 Democratic Slate

Democratic Campaign Stop Exceeds Expectations; Turn in Your Ballot

Turnout exceeded expectations when the Moving Colorado Forward bus stopped in Pagosa Springs on Saturday, Oct. 28. The venue was prepared for 30, but attendance hit 70. Attendees heard from

  • Board of Regents candidate Kathy Plomer
  • Colorado Treasurer Dave Young
  • Secretary of State Jena Griswold
  • Attorney General Phil Weiser
  • Lt Gov Diane Primavera
  • Sen. Michael Bennet


Turn in Your Ballot Today

Mark your ballots for the Dem slate and turn in your ballots today.
Monday is the last safe day to mail your ballot. Use two stamps and remember your ballot makes a 550 mile round trip from Pagosa to Denver and back. Save your stamps and put your ballot in the drop box in front of the Archuleta County Courthouse or the drop box at the TARA center in Arboles.
You can also vote in the Elections Office behind the courthouse. Hours are 8 am-4pm weekdays and Saturdays 8 am-noon.
On Election Day, Nov. 8, you can vote at the Elections Office, the County Extension Building at the fairgrounds or the PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave.

Beatable Boebert by the Numbers

For those losing hope, remember more people voted against @RepBoebert than for her in the primary.

 Congressional District 3  


 All Dems


Votes Against Boebert




103, 404


Archuleta County   





 Even a majority of Archuleta County voters opposed Boebert by 109 votes

Archuleta County Democrats    

    Adam Frisch


 Soledad Sandoval Tafoya 


Alex Walker



Her home county, Garfield, voted against her again, 8,385 to 5,222. She is weak and beatable.


Colorado Dems Deliver

From the Capitol in Denver to the halls of Congress, Colorado Democrats deliver results.

Overturning Roe Is Just the Radical Republicans First Step

The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority’s decision affirms that Republicans are focused on enacting a far-right agenda that limits personal freedoms by taking the choice to get an abortion away from women.

– Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party Chair 

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