What We Believe

  • We believe that if you work hard, you deserve the opportunity to earn a good life.
  • We believe that our economy should work for those who work hard, not just those at the top.
  • We believe that government should work for the people, not just the well-connected and special interests.
  • We believe in creating more opportunities to earn a good life and increase incomes that allow families to get ahead and save for the future.
  • We believe that every Coloradan should have access to affordable health care, and that no one should go broke because they get sick.
  • We believe all children in Colorado deserve a high-quality education, regardless of family income or their zip code.
  • We believe in rewarding businesses that create jobs here in Colorado and do right by their workers —not special interests and irresponsible corporations.
  • We believe that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the life they want.
  • We believe that everyone is entitled to clean air and water, and safe, livable communities. We believe in protecting our public lands.
  • We believe in managing our growth to maintain the Colorado way of life. That means upgrading and modernizing our transportation, infrastructure, internet access, and our schools.
  • We believe that we all have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our communities.
  • We believe that we have the power to change Colorado for the better.

Our Leadership



Every two years, members run for and are elected to leadership positions on the Executive and Central Committees. These officers, who meet monthly, have specific areas of responsibility and together oversee the County Party’s overall management and planning. Current ACDP Executive Committee Officers are

  • Carl Young, County Chair
  • John Porco, First Vice Chair
  • Dave Butcher, Treasurer
  • Lynn Frederick, Secretary
  • Chair Emeritus, Becky Herman
  • Sue Yalom, Vice Chair for Events
  • Ray Finney, Vice Chair for Fundraising
  • Lou Dickson, Vice Chair for VAN
  • Lynn Ditto, Vice Chair for Social Media

The Central Committee of the Archuleta County Democratic Party usually meets from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. Check our calendar for the specific time and location of this month’s meeting. Everyone is welcome to join in these meetings.

If you wish to make a presentation to the Archuleta County Democratic Party, please send a request to be included on the agenda (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Archuleta DEMS differ widely and yet are the same. We are young and old; retired and some still children. We do our best to welcome with friendly faces and accepting frames of mind those who are different from ourselves. That’s where we can come together, with that acceptance, despite our differing backgrounds, capabilities and appearances.

We are passionate, worn out with worry about the injustices, the inequities in taxation and wages, poverty, the high numbers of people killed in gun violence attacks, and the lack of respect for our country and our flag; and yet we remain hopeful for peaceful solutions to the hate and division in our democracy.

We care for our fellow neighbors; we go so far as to care for our planet. We are committed to working so that all people can live the lives they choose to live. Fairness and equity are principles we espouse; and we are committed to bringing those ideals to everyone.