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Join us and make a difference in Archuleta County!

We need help with a variety of activities and events.

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Central and Executive Committees – We currently have vacancies on both committees.  We are looking for someone to help coordinate our effort to reach out to the Hispanic Community, a Young Democrat (under 25), and precinct co-chair vacancies.

Volunteer Work for Our Community – We have planned events with the USFS, Audubon, Earth Day, Loaves and Fishes, and Habitat for Humanity.  Come out and volunteer your time to help improve our community. We also are responsible for a two-mile section of US 84 south of Pagosa Springs for road cleanup under the Adopt a Highway program. Road cleanups are usually scheduled in Spring and Fall.

Road Cleanup Crew

Dems Road Sign

 Events – We hold several regularly scheduled events and need help planning as well as at the events.  These include July 4 parade, July 4 float decoration and design, July 4 Annual Picnic, County Fair Booth, and our annual Chili Supper and Cookoff.  In election years we also hold our caucuses and County Assembly/Convention. Note that the COVID pandemic has affected a number of these events, but we hope for them to return in 2021.

July 4 Parade


  July 4 Picnic


 Annual Chili Supper


Election work to Get Out The Vote

Help us to turn out votes for Democratic Candidates from the top of our ticket on down. You can be in front of voters if you like or behind the scenes, we need all kinds of help

Here are some things we need Volunteers to help with:

Voter registration – helping people register or update their registration

Get Out The Vote –This involves helping get out information about candidates to voters, identifying our supporters and them getting them to the polls to vote.


    Phone banking – Variable (about 2 hours a shift) – evenings and weekends.

    Canvassing – 3 to 4 hour shift

    Lit Drop – 3 – 4 hour shift

    Data Entry/extraction – work from home, as needed

    On Election day we will need:

  •     Poll Watchers – minimum of 2 hours
  •     Data entry to update phone calling lists as new voter information comes in
  •     Phone Callers to turn out Dem voters and our known supporters
  •     Supporters out with signs at Polling locations
  •     Drivers to get people to the polls & deliver food/water to our poll workers








  • We believe that if you work hard, you deserve the opportunity to earn a good life.
  • We believe that our economy should work for those who work hard, not just those at the top.
  • We believe that government should work for the people, not just the well-connected and special interests.
  • We believe in creating more opportunities to earn a good life and increase incomes that allow families to get ahead and save for the future.
  • We believe that every Coloradan should have access to affordable health care, and that no one should go broke because they get sick.
  • We believe all children in Colorado deserve a high quality education, regardless of family income or their zip code.
  • We believe in rewarding businesses that create jobs here in Colorado and do right by their workers — not special interests and irresponsible corporations.
  • We believe that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the life they want.
  • We believe that everyone is entitled to clean air and water, and safe, livable communities. We believe in protecting our public lands.
  • We believe in managing our growth to maintain the Colorado way of life. That means upgrading and modernizing our transportation, infrastructure, and our schools.
  • We believe that we all have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities.
  • We believe that we have the power to change Colorado for the better.


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