Who We Are

Archuleta DEMS differ widely and yet are the same. We are young and old; retired and some still children. We do our best to welcome with friendly faces and accepting frames of mind those who are different from ourselves. That’s where we can come together, with that acceptance, despite our differing backgrounds, capabilities and appearances.

We are passionate, worn out with worry about the injustices, the inequities in taxation and wages, poverty, the high numbers of people killed in gun violence attacks, and the lack of respect for our country and our flag; and yet we remain hopeful for peaceful solutions to the hate and division in our democracy.

We care for our fellow neighbors; we go so far as to care for our planet. We are committed to working so that all people can live the lives they choose to live. Fairness and equity are principles we espouse; and we are committed to bringing those ideals to everyone.


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